Hey there, welcome to SlashBracket!

Ever scoured the internet searching for answers to a coding problem you’ve been agonizing over, only to find a list of obvious, lazy, or useless answers on coding forums that leave out the oh-so-important detail that will either make or break your code?

Well, that’s why I started this site.

And I call people who give those stupid answers “SlashBrackets”. My goal is to never be one of them. In fact, I take those pieces of broken code and give you actual solutions to them, with proper documentation.

So, if you have something to contribute, I’d love to know what coding problems frustrate you the most or if you’ve found useful solutions to confounding code.

Leave a comment on any of my posts, or shoot me an email here. I’ll find a fix, share your solution, and document it all so you can finish your next great idea faster.

Good luck!


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